Powerline io

Powerline io - create a huge electric light! Powerline.io is an epic multiplayer game that takes inspiration from the original Nokia snake game. Instead of a snake however, you control an electric light that grows as you collect energy crystals. You must move around the level and attempt to intercept your enemies to destroy them – this is the only way you can collect energy crystals! To kill an enemy player you must block their path and make their head section touch your body.
If they touch your body with their head, they will be destroyed and you can harvest their energy to grow in size! You can use a special speed boost to try and move ahead of your opponents – this speed boost will diminish your size however so use it carefully. Be careful of the outer border area too – if you hit the border your strand of electricity will be destroyed.
If you want to communicate with other players, there is a chat. Use T to talk. Moreover, players can choose their own username at the start of each game. The multiplayer action is frantic - players must be alert and keep moving at all times to avoid destruction.
This game is cool and challenging. Step into the arena and create the greatest power line! See if you have what it takes to survive and be crowned king of the Powerline.io grid.


This game is available as a web browser game, as an Android app, and as an iOS app.


Powerline.io is made by Profusion Studios.


Use WASD to move (recommended).


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